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经过半年多的筹备和等待,我们已经接到IRS(Internal Revenue Service)的确认信件,机构的注册名称目前已经正式由“Overseas Save Chinese Children Foundation”(简称OSCCF)更改为“A Life A Time Foundation”,相应的中文新名称是“新生命儿童基金会”。更多...

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孩子是我们的希望, 是我们生命的延续, 是我们意志的传承… 那一张张纯真可爱的笑脸,那一双双明亮无暇的眼睛, 都是我们的未来。

但是, 有这样一些孩子, 他们因着种种原因无法象其他孩子一样享有正常的生活, 无法快乐的长大. 他们或是身患重病却无钱医治, 或是在灾害中失去家园, 或是面临失学的窘境… 您愿意来帮助他们吗? 让我们点点滴滴的爱, 为他们凝聚希望, 也为了我们自己的未来…

Children are our hope, the extension of our lives, and the take and pass down of our wills... Their angel kind of smiles and bright eyes are our futures.

However, some children, due to all kinds of reasons, cannot have normal happy lives as others. They are either seriously ill with no money for treatment, lost their homes because of natural disaster, or are struggling in getting education. Would you like to help them overcome these difficulties? Let’s give them hope with our loves, for them and us.

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